Bts reaction to their parents not liking you. Jin: The knowing that his parents didn’t approve of you was a thought that stuck with you most of the night, until the two of you headed to bed, turning to face him. Anonymous said:Bts reaction please when you’re married while having sex you’re 3 year old son came in and ask what you are doing xD Thank you for requesting love I had lots of fun. You were like his rock and he was your little “Jinnie”. Originally posted by parkthejimin Monie would get very silent and introspective when his s/o’s parents asked him questions like that since he would want to give them a serious answer. Suga “You don’t have to wear it just because you’re woman. Jin: He wouldn’t be annoyed until it was time to rest. Originally posted by sayjjanhae. “I told you it was just a sprain. Jungkook: He’d chuckle and smile at his child as she stood between his knees. He would try to calm you down and tell you sweet things. *He’d do something stupid or dorky of course*. Waiting List (0), BTS reaction on your parents disproving your relationship, BTS reaction to when they over hear that another member also likes you, BTS reaction to when they have co-host with their secret S/O, BTS reaction when their S/O grabs their butt, BTS reaction when their girlfriend kisses . He, finally, opened his mouth, but you were faster, “Don’t try to deny it, Yoongi. Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) is the Korean musical act that did it all: spoke at the United Nations, topped the Billboard charts, landed a TIME magazine cover and so much . He grabbed your head and caught it in his arm, kissing all over your face to shut you up. “ Im cold. After doing it once he’d expect it from you all the time, any time after this when you had a snack, expect Jin . He’d glance up, see one of your feet in the air, and finally take notice of you. You can find a variety of BTS related posts on our blog, from fanfictions to imagines and shitty memes. You’re greeted with warm smiles from both your parents who are placed in the doorway. 1:16pm . Jin would agree to help right away and then would proceed to ask you as many questions possible about the kids you two would be watching. Yoongi: He’d low-key think it . He will cup you face and kiss you cheek. Jin: He would be shocked then confused, but he’d totally like it. Taehyung would enjoy pranking you much more than getting pranked. He’d also be low-key jealous, and he’d tease you about it. Originally posted by hope-film “What could I have done differently?” Your hoarse voice sounds in the room. Suga: He was really focused trying to finish his . Seokjin: You ran your hands down your body, you were standing in front of the mirror in your wedding dress, you looked great there was no denying it but that wasn’t why you were looking so nervous, you were nervous because of who you were marrying, he was your boyfriend for the last two years and you thought . Masterlist Admin Lulu Admin Jane Admin Lyna. You get all comfy in your bed sheets and excited to finally get a whole night’s worth of rest. When you won he would just smile, Saying you don't like a song from BTS or that you don't like the direction they're moving in does not make you not an Army in the slightest. Flexing as you grind against it. Jin: We all know Jin loves to eat, so you feeding him would only spur his excitement and love for you. the pain kicked in, you were screaming every second, your contractions became more regular, and you were freaking out, once they wheeled you into the labour room, and you gave birth naturally, the doctors would hand you your first child, a boy, and then they handed the second child to jin, a girl, he smiled and laughed and brought his fingers . If you don’t want to, I don’t really mind” Originally posted by bangtannoonas. Seokjin: you and Jin have been friends even before you both could walk. Anonymous said: Hey! Can you do a bts reaction when their S/O is pregnant and going in to labor when they are on tour. Slowly, almost in a trance, he lets the sound lead him to where you are. You were still in quarantine after 2 weeks and you couldn’t be more bored, but thankfully you were stuck with your boyfriend Jungkook, you had been playing games for the whole two weeks but your last game of Uno ended in a huge argument, leading to you both not talking to each other for 2 whole days, neither of you even acknowledging each other, when finally after a lot of thought . BTS: Reaction to you speaking your native language. ”. He felt extremely guilty for breaking your heart in such a way. Not wanting the boys to disrupt your sleep, he slowly got up from the floor, one hand supporting your bum while one on the floor to push himself up. BTS reacting to their s/o telling them they are nonbinary. As soon as your eyes adjusted to the light, your gaze fell on the dining table, with food set out on the top and two chairs facing each other. He doesn’t like it, but anything for his special little lady. You were facing him so he glanced at your tummy. Taehyung: He tried and tried, despite all your attempts to avoid him. BTS Reaction To Finding Out ARMY Doesn’t Like Their S/O. list. BTS SCENARIOS/REACTIONS. He said, turning to walk away from you. Anyway, even if you do not want to do it, I love you, you’re great A/ N: Please eat well, I love you . Answer (1 of 60): I’m not happy to say that no, my parents do not approve. He’d say and she’d giggle as his fingers would find her tiny . He takes his pranks very seriously. As the venue got smaller in the rearview mirror you relaxed more and more. Jimin- As soon as you confess your secret to him, his eyes shine and sparkle with newfound youth . THE PREMISE: You’re shy, and while you are a lot of fun once you get to know people, you come across as extremely quiet around people you don’t know well. Jin : He couldn’t stop smiling after you asked him to come help you with your job. Masterlist. Jin “doesn’t really change anything but still thank you for telling me” Originally posted by kimbuffy. “Can’t you take a break baby?” He whispered hotly against your ear.   They discuss medical issues that college students face while they're away from home. ♥Jin: Don’t get him wrong, he found it adorable that you were confident with your first language and he didn’t mind listening to the conversations you had with your mom, but when your attention drifted off of him for too long he’d get irritated. “I know you’re nervous,” you sighed once you were in your parents’ door. I can feel you shaking like a chihuahua. he felt guilty and would spend a lot of time with you, being your support. He asked, no t looking at you. On the daily he would prank you with different types antics. Even though it wasn’t for a bad reason, it was merely the downsizing of the company that caused you to lose your job, it still burned a hole on your heart. After that he’d watch her with loving eyes as his princess would blush while giving her Jungkook oppa his daily morning peck on the cheek. Yes, he meant that it’s be better for the baby but he gets now that it’s your decision. He quickly-not thinking of food anymore-ran to your room. BTS reaction when their S/O broke her arm BTS reaction to when their crush has a weird laugh. He’d fall to the floor or to his knees in front fo you and beg for forgiveness, but after explaining to him that you were only a bit annoyed from his obsessive behavior he would completely change. In this episode of Real Talk, Attorneys and are joined by , a family physician, award-winning author, and media medical expert. Enjoy! RM. i don’t like drama. “It’s just a prank bro”. Namjoon would want to think very carefully before committing to a response either way and would openly tell his love and their parents that. -You’re so cute when you wana cuddle. There were fairy lights hanging from the tree the lone dining table was standing underneath. Don’t wear yourself out princess cause this won’t be the last time you cum tonight. Jin: your more into discipline and telling your child when to stop and when it’s fine, Jin would honestly be the one to comfort your child after you telling him/her off. Ask: Bts reacting to their s/o telling bts they’re nonbinary? Jin: Jin would be happy. You ignore it for two minutes and then you receive a call. if there is something legitimately harmful in a fic, of course it’s okay to approach a writer and point out the issue . “Don’t pretend this . Request: Can I request a bts reaction to their girlfriend not shaving down there beacsue she’s scared of hurting herself Nice request by the way, creative mind haha :) Jin: I don’t think Jin would be mad at you but he’d be understanding. If you ever shit on yourself (calling yourself fat or ugly) he’d get mad, mad at you for calling yourself something you’re not. And you did. The first thing a man or woman should do is be lonely. Jin: Jin called you after his practice, asking if you wanted to eat dinner. “Wat?”. He sighed when he saw you sleeping on your side in nothing but underwear. Jungkook teased and gave you a hug. Suga. He will defiantly keep his promise of never breaking your heart. Namjoon would get super excited about you and your daughter came in to wake him up and she called you daddy. BTS Reaction To Seeing Their S/O On An American Talk Show. You finally finished it- your masterpiece of art- and you wanted to show it off, but Jimin had other plans in mind. When all the boys entered the room, they were woo-ing at the couple but Taehyung shush them immediately and pointed at you. BTS visited KBS to discuss their Billboard “Hot 100” chart achievements and more on News 9. “Please, jagiyaaa” “Namjoon, for the last time – no!” “Yeah, Y/N said no, lay off already! I’m not repairing any more things!” Because of the sleeveless top you were wearing you could feel the coldness of the floor hit your skin so you rolled over to your boyfriend’s side. Bts reaction when their S/O have a really bad migraine. Yoongi: He would be unfazed, because it makes no difference to him, he just love you no matter what. This is a normal reaction. “Good girl, so desperate for me. He loves you more than anything. J-Hope. He would want you to do it more often, but he wouldn’t tell you because he’d be super embarrassed. This is the first time he’s heard you sing. Anonymous asked: BTS reaction to your piss kink. He’d ask you as to how long you’ve felt that way. BTS Reaction: You Try To Break Up With Him Because His Parents Don’t Approve. Fighting. JIN: Jimin. Taehyung could not only hear but also see how angry and upset you were. Sorry it took me so long to answer ~Admin B. This was not your fault; my parents are just-“ “Assholes?” @puppiu I hope you like this and smile a bit. A/Nl How are you all doing after the comeback cause Im SHOOK TO THE FUCKING CORE. Originally posted by hugtae. “I’m sorry I don’t come over to your house much . Bts reaction . He would take personal offence and vow to get you back. You froze and tilted your head to allow him better access without even realizing your actions. “Y/N!”. He’d help you get everything you needed, and when the boys would pick on you because of your tiny height, he’d get defensive and tell them off. Jin: He’d enjoy it. BTS Reaction to Helping You Babysit. Netizens call BTS's V a 'perfectionist' after he shares an unreleased romantic song that he plans on deleting for good 2 hours ago 12 1,937 A Look Back at Song Joong Ki's exceptio On October 18, Los Angeles-based radio station 102. But when he found out that your parents were addicts, he got scared. *He’d just kind of try to stay cool and think about it and would not disturb you until you’re done, then he’d probably ask you what that was . Seokjin “it won’t be easy, but please keep on fighting for your dreams” Originally posted by vhope. Jhope “well, I won’t buy you dresses but . Jimin retorted . But that wasn’t the only thing that stole your breath away. Your parents don’t approve of us Hobi, and I know how important your parents are to you, you mustn’t want to be with me anymore after that. However, the only evidence in the article was a photo of the . “Whats poppin’ Garden Gnome. He’d constantly be biting your neck or even going as far as to pin you down so he can nip at your thighs just . BTS Reaction To Their Fiance . BTS: Reaction to you singing/rapping all of Hamilton. Yoongi: When his family didn't approve he pretended he didn't care but on the inside he was sad and it hurt him dearly that his parents didn't like you. When you reached the car he stopped you and pulled you into a hug, nuzzling your hair. BTS Reaction - Their girlfriend is going into labor while they’re on tour. ever. “Yeah, well”. Rapmon: Ah, thank you for inviting me over! Your house is so lovel- oh my god sorry about that expensive vase, just put it on the Rapmon tab. On Jin’s 19th birthday, you were gonna surprise him at Bighit when as you were crossing the street, a drunk driver came out of nowhere and crashed into you. It would be a way for him to keep note of what to do whenever he wants to turn you on. Jin: “Open your eyes. “Happy anniversary, princess.   The conversation includes practical tips that college students actually want to hear about, prevention and coping with anxiety and other mental health issues at the . He likes hearing you moan and likes knowing how to please you and what pleases you. This one hits home for me so if you are not of fan of family conflict then please do not trouble yourself with reading this. Hoseok “I really don’t get your parents, but my door is always open for you okay? It floats to his ears, light as doves’ feathers. Originally posted by mvssmedia. You had to wake him up for a dentist’s appointment for your nine year old daughter so you decided to mess with him to wake him up but your daughter had a better idea. J-Hope: It's great to be in ur home! Thank you for giving birth to a wonderful child! Ah you guys are great! The fortune read, “Your girlfriend is pregnant. Jin: I think Jin would be really happy for you to meet his parents especially his mom. Jin:*before child even asks* I HAVE SCARRED YOU MY CHILD FOR LIFE!!!!! This is a typical reaction of a Bts member to feeling unwanted. Hoseok: Reactions: Jin: As soon as he heard it from you, he will be devastated because they didn’t gave him a chance. i don’t like controversy. Hesitantly, you pick it up and greet him, your voice sounding more tired than usual. V- Lets you piss on him in public. i don’t post things like this. BTS Reaction To Taking Care Of Their Sick S/O. Due to this, I doubt he would be offended if you had won in an arm wrestling contest. The source of the haunting sound. Maybe it is from what he has said in his mixtape about his family not always being as supportive of him as they are now. That is why I wake up to watch BTS at like 4 in the morning. Thanks I’m gonna do like, one or two that are on tour with their girlfriends and the others are at home. It hangs around him, catching him in its embrace – the sweetest voice he’s ever heard. Jin: He would like to meet your parents, but would have to talk more about it with you, because he knew your parents were native English speakers and him not being good at English their would be a language barrier and he wouldn’t want to say anything that may come off in the wrong way. Requested** some are more angst and others are more fluffy. He still loved you. “Mummy doesn’t hate you, she just has her way of showing you she loves you, and daddy wants you to go apologise to mummy for what you did okay?”. Jin enjoys eating and so you feeding him would be like 100 times better in his eyes. He’d be a little surprised that you reached out to feed him but he’d grin and open wide, enjoying it. Since I (and most of the fandom) see him as traditional, I’m sure we all agree that he might be a little turned away, but if he really loved you (and I’m sure he would) he would see at as a way to better his English skills and maybe teach your family some Korean You make a mental note to personally thank BigHit for providing you and Yoongi with a car. BTS Reaction To You Meeting Their Parents. From the time they arrived at the station to the time they left it, BTS’s parents were on their minds. Yoongi “Keep. He moaned but then, reassured you that you guys were in a public place, and then you felt a little bit embarrassed. BTS Reaction To Finding Out Their S/O Can Sing. Disclaimer: I mean no harm to the people involved. He will try to convince you to stay, whether you do or not is your choice. “Yoon-yoongi what are you doing?” You asked a bit breathlessly, as he had instantly gone for the spot you were the most sensitive. i don’t like hatred. Originally posted by nctslife-remade. Originally posted by jjoon. -Come here babe. Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin. Suga: He at first would not care about what your parents think about your relationship with him. He would be really sad and hate the thought of his parents not liking you. While getting ready, J-Hope revealed that his father would be watching . He was confused when he heard someone, that sounded strangely like his mother call out to you. Ever. Originally posted by aestheticvbts. I love you. Rap Monster. You were pulled back to the task at hand when Jin’s mouth suddenly left your neck. BTS Reactions: One of the other members dislikes their s/o because of misunderstanding her personality. Jimin came over in a heartbeat when he saw your text that was begging for him to come over. Back row: J-Hope, V, and Jungkook. BTS reaction to the parents of their s/n (also idol) not supporting them for being an idol. He put you on his lap and hugged you thightly, kissining your face and making you giggle. . I announce lifting and shaking the bag around, the members immediatley surround me and inspect the bag. If this is the case, then it’s time to work on it. You pointed out with a slight laugh. Originally posted by forjimin. Jisoo gets a lot of hate on her vocals not being the be Your mother sees Namjoon sprawled face down on your couch and you laugh, “Yeah!”. V/Taehung: I feel as if Taehyung would be extremely excited and happy for you to meet his parents. I giggle “Hello, I come baring gifts!”. “But baby, your Joonie oppa would break all your toys. “Please, don’t go. -Joonnie. Namjoon: Namjoon would be a firm supporter of you and your body. “Shut up you “Charlie Puss” headass. Who's your bias in BLACKPINK? Yes, he translates during interviews, and yes he does is an (extraordinary) leader. Originally posted by . “When I call you beautiful, I mean it. “ Come here~ ” he would embrace you into a tight hug as you instantly felt warm because of his body heat. Asking you to ride his thigh you nodded shyly as he placed you on top of it. R didn’t win the WBC. Jung-kook- *Pisses on you ;)*. After you prank him with a harmless prank he initiates the war. If you do stay, he will almost never leave your side. Jungkook: BTS reaction to when they have co-host with their secret S/O. And if anything, this argument is causing you more grief than your work. “Wake up daddy~". 7 KIIS announced that K-Pop superstars BTS will be gracing this year's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball during the Los Angeles stop of th He also says that he likes a kind girl who is affectionate even if he himself tends not to be too lovey dovey. “How about next time you convince them and prove them that our love is pure” you said making feel better. Posted: 25th July 2019. Since he loves both you and his parents, he would no doubt want his parents to love you too. BTS reaction when their GF is upset that P. I hope you enjoy!! ~Admin Unnie. “Aiiish (Y/n) how long do you plan to . “She is sleeping” he mouthed. It was like dragging a zombie to your parents’ house. Mumbling a small sorry together with some praises he pulled back and helped you into the car. You didn’t blame him for being scared though, you understood. He would be hella impressed because, hello, the boy can barely bend over and touch his toes. BTS Reaction To Studying/Taking The PSAT. He would be both devastated, sad, even maybe a bit mad at himself. Yoongi would also approve of your decision. Saying you don't like a song from BTS or that you don't like the direction they're moving in does not make you not an Army in the slightest. “Nothing, y/n. He’d try to not be too visibly flustered*. He was away on tour with his band so he couldn’t be with you on this day but that wouldn’t stop him from spoiling you. “Do you think your parents are right about us?”. You were beyond nervous. Then Taehyung texts you. Rap Monster is a careful individual and I get the . “Come on y/n, don’t show off, it’s unattractive. Jungkook. Jin:*before child even asks* I HAVE SCARRED YOU MY CHILD FOR LIFE!!!!! One day you came home and couldn’t believe what you saw. You think you saw him texting Jin about it; he used a frowny emoji. He may be the only person who can make you feel happy. but if you really want to be a ff writer, you have to realize you’re going to be faced with people like this. It floats to his ears, light as doves’ feathers. You told him that you were at his parents house, that his mother had insisted in teaching you how to . Suga: He’d be incessant about it. Definitely teases you more than anyone, not like scenarios where he’s nicer cause y’all are together, that’s fake lol. Requested: Hello, I love your job , I was wondering if you could do a bts reaction to when you’re not eating well (like when you’re thinking about many things and you do not finish eating your meals) it may be a little silly but I’m curious to see how you think That they would react. He was very blunt with you too. He just didn’t understand how they could do that to you. Whimpers leaving your mouth as his hands brushed your hair back. You’re annoying. Reactions: Jin: You were just hugging Jin, when suddenly you felt tempted to kiss his neck, and you did. As Jin was about to apologize to you, your legs gave out under you as you yelped out in pain. I feel like Yoongi is one of the members who would, if questioned, be the most likely member to have smoked weed, hypothetically or not. Bts Reaction to Their Girlfriend Randomly Sitting on Their Lap and Feeding Them Ice Cream. Originally posted by fawnave. He was disappointed in your family and just held you as you cried. he would want to cook you a feast to celebrate. I see him taking his time and only introducing you when he thought it was right. “What is it?”. He didn’t even bat an eye when you told him it was time to get going. The whole floor was covered with red roses and a little note from your boyfriend. And even though he wouldn’t outright stare, he . If you do have family issues, please remember that you are not obligated to accept being treated badly by your family. Laudi About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . ” you murmured as you snuzzled your face in his chest. We like to call the fellow ARMYS that follow this blog, our lil JJ's! Join in the fun and request us stuff, send weird asks and submit those memes :) Keep Scrolling into the . Sure enough he saw a small unfamiliar bump. BTS Reaction: Their parents don’t like you* A/N: mini scenarios as usual. You nod your head in gratitude and look up to the front door. V: He was shocked as he stroked your hair, he didn’t . Jimin: He tried to cheer you up as you showed up crying and unable to speak, but when you explained why you were crying you were the one who had to hold him back. *He’d look everywhere like he wants someone to save him. A smile sigh escaped your lips. Jimin: BTS Reaction to you being really fit and stronger than them and beating them in an arm wrestle in front of the guys. “Princess be quiet for a little bit and sleep with me. ” Originally posted by yoonkooks. And there you are. If you were fine with it, why should he interfere. Jillie // 25 year old tiny strawberry queen // was bunnyboyenthusiast // m. Anonymous asked : BTS Meeting their Girlfriend's Parents. Thanks 7. He also brought over food whenever he could, telling you that it was important to keep your strength up. 1 | yoongi. He was standing behind you as you peeled a potato when he suddenly sunk his teeth lightly into the side of your neck. “You know you scared me when you said you were injured. This is a BTS trashhole™ ! We write about our homeboi's BTS. Your knees hit the ground and your . Front row: RM, Jimin, Suga, and Jin. This drama-queen would be all over the place. You put your head on his shoulders and watched the computer screen, he turned around and smiled brightly looking at you. Red Velvet: Wendy A queen deserves a queen, so y’all obviously were meant to be. “You’re talking nonsense, I still want to be with you, I don’t care if they don’t approve,” he spoke, the panic in his voice was clear. Jeon Jungkook. BTS Reaction To Their S/O Wanting Them To Meet Their Parents. But, of course, it’s not like you’d actually teach him anything – a martial art combined with his destructive personality is a no-no. When you woke up next, you saw your friend standing over you speaking but you freaked out do to the fact . BTS Reaction: Their mom spends time with their S/O and approves of them. Jimin would relate to you a lot, so he wouldn’t judge. Originally posted by meganhyunhee. Originally posted by bwiseoks. NCT: Haechan Y’all be stunning not gonna lie. I see him showing you off as well. This is a typical reaction of a Bts member to feeling unwanted. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend that doesn’t feel lonely is a sign of loneliness. Smoothing down your trousers you exit the car: the driver promptly opening the doors for both you and Yoongi. BTS reaction to their S/O having a lot of tattoos. So he went to the hospital and took a time to calm down before coming to see you. His reaction would be somewhat small as he’s . Whenever you tried to invite him to your house, he would make up an excuse, or give you a reason why you should come to his house instead. He would probably talk to you about hygiene or tell you some remedies to help not hurt yourself, he . Originally posted by talk-me-down-troye ♡Hoseok♡: “Like this?” You asked Hoseok hesitantly. “I love you, I’m coming over right away. He wouldn't break up with you because he loves you so much but he would definitely be hurt. This was requested by @tefy29. On. BTS reaction to you not liking dresses. Jimin: When he got a called saying that you were in the hospital because you had been attacked, he got very angry. “my parents said they don’t truly understand me, I don’t understand . I feel as if he’d have a proud smile on his face to see the two of you getting along really well. They caught BTS on my Tiktok, and they were not one bit happy. He’d later thank you for agreeing to meet them and tell you that you did amazing. Taehyung says as he runs towards me, he hugs me tightly almost knocking me off of my feet, he spins me round slightly and releases me from his gentle grip. He pouted.

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